In today’s tutorial, we will discuss how you can cashout a CC that you buy from  CARDING SHOP in BTC (bitcoin).

BTC carding sites these days are a bit of a hassle, but if you know what to do, it will come easily to you, just follow the steps below:


cashout credit card to btc in 2022 cashout NEW METHOD FOR CASHOUT CC IN BTC 2022 cashout credit card to btc 2022

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  • BTC’s website will be
  • Create a new acc with a REAL email (gmail / yahoo ..)
  • Confirm it and at this point you should have the same IP address as city CC.
  • After confirming your account you should be able to make a deposit, you probably already know what to do at this point, for those who do not select ‘deposit by credit card’ as the payment method and deposit $ 100 – for no not have him be prompted for verification.
  • Keep it for 2 hours, then take it out and choose “BTC” as your payment method, sometimes you won’t be able to cash out within 2 hours, just contact support and tell them you need to opt out immediately (expect to what they refuse and sometimes refund).
  • Best if you can play a game (like poker) that you know you are going to win or that you can play with yourself by creating another account if you play with yourself as an opponent, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose as an opponent. you will have the money anyway which you can withdraw via BTC.
  • Enjoy your BTC

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  • For this method to work, the site will be Those who say this method is fixed have followed copy / paste guides to a T without creativity or brain, although your card must be non-vbv , you can get it from us on the CARDING SHOP
  • Make an acc and fill in all the required information.
  • You must have the game from the claimed csgo site (we believe it’s free now from 2021) in your Steam access, so if you haven’t already, make sure you do!
  • Now associate your inventory link with this acc and you are ready to buy skins.
  • Buy skins using the credit card method BUT you must have a non-vbv USA CC (if you have no idea about Bins you can also buy them from us in our store Carding shop).
  • From now on, it is better for success to use a good premium US VPN corresponding to the city of the CC holders and to use socks5 above your VPN from “911”
  • Once you’ve successfully carded a product, don’t repost it for sale, it will be sold as you go low (e.g. the same product you got for $ 50, sell it for $ 35 for a faster sale).
  • After selling your product you will have a balance in your account, withdraw it with the BTC payment method.

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There you go, guys, you have successfully cashout  CC in BTC! Now is the time for you to put your tools in order and start carding.

Tools Cashout:

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Socks5 here: Socks5 ici:

MAC address changer here:


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